Andrina Bollinger,


Eclectic-Performance-Pop Duo


  • Marena Whitcher, Performance/Songwriting


The Duo Eclecta (Andrina Bollinger and Marena Whitcher) are, by design, a mercurial amalgam of extremes. They set out on a mission to explore the limits of the musicspectrum, from the unruly and raw, all the way down to the classically refined and low key. Their work is a kaleidoscopic display of timbres charged with unfiltered emotions. With their barrage of acoustic and electric instruments, and displays of irreverence, they sabotage the very notion of fixed genre definitions. For them, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk, just toys at an amusement park. Listening to their work is like a journey through shooting galleries, haunted houses, mazes lined with distorting mirrors, and of course, there's the occasional roller coaster drop and extreme turn just around the bend. Take a day off and take a ride with them.

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