Christoph Gallio, 2009 - 2014


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  • Christoph Gallio, Saxes, Konzept
  • Kazumi, Voice
  • Andrea Neumann, Inseide Piano, Mixer
  • Hans Benda, Synthesizer
  • Olaf Rupp, Guitar
  • Helmut Erler, Field Recording
  • Jan Roder , Double Bass
  • Oliver Steidle, Percussion
  • Sven-Åke Johansson, Drums


Soziale Musik (social music) allows to play 82 of the 147 short loops of the original solo oeuvre by Christoph Gallio.

The saxophone is not osculated or dissected with innovative zeal, but rather scanned for its linguistic character. Not a catalog of possibilities, but rather a collection of sound situations that can be linked to one another in a loose fashion. The silence, the spaces between the loops, is just as important as the music. We could have called this oevre "audio poverty".

Soziale Musik wants to encourage the participation of the listener, and for sure, in order to use Soziale Musik, one doesn't have to know a lot of music. The absence of the traditional roles of producer and consumer opens the door for a free dealing with the music.

Christoph Gallio soprano and alto saxophone

Guests: Andrea Neumann inside piano and mixer, Kazumi voice, Hans Benda electronics, Helmut Erler voice and field recording, Sven-Åke Johansson drums, Jan Roder double bass, Olaf Rupp guitar, Oliver Steidle percussion

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