"When the earth shakes" with Olga Antonova, Elena Corvaglia and Elzara Oiseau

25.11.2022 - 29.01.2023

Gallery Go-Green-Art presents the exhibition "When the earth shakes" in collaboration with the Ukranian ZHdK students and alumnae Olga Antonova, Elena Corvaglia and Elzara Oiseau. Olga Antonova is a participant of the Z-Kubator What's next_Compass development programme.

The works by the three artists are influenced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Desperation, night cries for help, anxious following of the news, the constant fear are on display, but also belief in solidarity and the bond with the democratic world. 40% of all sales of the works will go to Ukrainehilfe - Hilfe für die Ukraine.

Address: Gallery Go-Green-Art, Seestrasse 2, 8703 Erlenbach
Opening hours: on request +41 78 641 76 77

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